26th American Indian Workshop

Amerika Haus Munich, April 11 - 13, 2005
26th American Indian Workshop


Aimers, Jim:
The Archaeology of Peace: Studying Survival at the Ancient Maya Site of Lamanai, Belize

Bako, Martina:
La Jolla Reservation and the Myth of Rich Indians

Berthier-Foglar, Susanne:
Sandia's "new buffalo" ideology: a casino, an old land grant, compromises and conservationism

Bonnici, Joseph, Dwight M. Scherban & Roger M. McKinney:
Beyond Public Relations Campaigns: The Chasm Between the Buffalo and the Mashantucket Pequots' Casino

Busatta, Sandra:
The Native American Entrepreneur and the Mohawk Civil War

Carstensen, Christian:
Returning (to) the Salmon - The Columbia River Gorge as a Place of Livelihood for Indigenous People

De Looze, Karen:
The Northern Cheyenne in Context: Empowerment and Healing

DeMeyer, Trace A.:
Power, Politics and the Pequot: The richest Indians in America

Diesel, Torsten:
New Country Food for Nunavut!?

Dykiel, Mirella:
Betting on Red? Recent movies by Native American film makers

Fixico, Donald L.:
Nothing Has Changed! American Indian Humor Then and Now

Hans, Birgit:
Reservation Micro-Enterprises: The Case of the Star Quilt

Hatoum, Rainer:
Casino-Powwows: The Effects of Gaming on Tradition

Hlebowicz, Bartosz:
Who's got the fire? Contemporary identity narratives of the Oneida Indians in Canada and the U.S.A.

Hosmer, Brian:
Blackjack and Lumberjack: Economic Change and Cultural Identity in Menominee Country

Kammler, Henry:
"Shamans" and "Wolves": the Nuu-chah-nulth Tlukwaana ceremonial complex reconsidered

Klapstova, Katerina:
Cultural tourism and the museum collections

Kummels, Ingrid:
Rarámuri Baskets: The Transnational Com-mercialization of a Traditional Craft and the Reconstruction of Northern Mexican Ethnicities

Lee, Molly:
Artwriting and Early Native American Basket Collectors

Lindner, Markus H.:
Killing which buffalo?: The Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the development of Tribal Tourism

Miceli, Céline:
Negotiating an Economic Development: The Pokagon Band Of Potawatomi of Michigan

Nagy, Imre:
Social Relations Explored From Cheyenne Ledger Art: Sociological and Genealogical Inherency of the Maffet Ledger

O'Brien, Patricia J.:
"Stone-Man's" Medicine Lodge: A Re-examination

Orloff, Petra-Lina:
The NMAI and the New Buffalo: Funding a Cultural Renaissance

Pellerin, Simone:
New trends in the criticism of Native American Literature

Potter-Deimel, Raeschelle:
New Buffaloes Rise With Pride Across the Nation: A New Age, New Awareness, Haunting Rhythms

Ringlero, Aleta M.:
BETTING ON THE HOUSE: Fine Art Collections in the Casino

Scheidegger, Erica:
Don't Massacre the "New Buffalo": Linda Hogan's "Power"

Schueler, Harry:
Gambling with Tradition: A look at the interdependence of the triangle: 'casinos - land claims - identity'

Schweninger, Lee:
Shifting Ground: Native American Visual Artists and Europe

Strigler, Marie-Claude:
Economic development: a tool for a rebirth of traditions and spiritual values

Strong, John A.:
The Shinnecock Casino Campaign: Tribal Identity, Local Politics and Tangled Legalities

Seiller, Monika:
A New Buffalo Project [Presentation of a project by Action Group on Native Americans and Human Rights]

Young Man, Alfred:
Anomalous Painters, Writers, Critics and Other "Indian" Impostors