26th American Indian Workshop

Amerika Haus Munich, April 11 - 13, 2005
26th American Indian Workshop:

"New Buffaloes" - New Ways? Traditions and Transitions in Native American Culture: What has lasted, what has changed?

The term "new buffalo" is used as a metaphor for Indian casinos by both Indians and Non-Indians. The 26th American Indian Workshop dealt with a wider range of "New Buffaloes" and their effects on Native American culture. These "New Buffaloes" include Native American commercial art, music, film, literature, tourism, on- and off-reservation economic enterprises - and casinos.


The 26th American Indian Workshop was attended by 83 registered participants from 14 counties:

Of the 83 participants, 6 were members of Indian Tribes from Canada or the USA.



Within the 3-days-workshop 34 papers were read. Some of the speakers have published their papers on this webpage.